Sunday, April 01, 2001

how does this work?!? okay, bare with me. this is my first entry and i have no clue what to do. ehehe. i was just madd curious about this blogger thing so i decided to sign up for an account. i was so excited i didn't even read the abouts and all that stuffs. hhhmmm. i signed up 2 times. and hey, they didn't ask for my address and all that four one one. ehehe. this is cool. anyway, i'm not gonna blog a lot since i have no clue what i'm doen and i still have to find out how this works. but gyeah, i'll write some more :). 28th i was my kuya nanie's bday. 29th i got my cel. 30 kuya dex's got his liscence. 31st kuya dex celebrated his bday. ok, i'll write later. ehehe.